7 Tips for Staging Your Home

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Quick Reads – Quickly Improve Your Home (And Salem is Awesome!)

Hello, hello! Welcome to another edition of Quick Reads! This week I am sending you around the internet to learn about quick home improvements and why Salem, Oregon is pretty dang awesome. Enjoy!

  • Better Backyard Privacy – Lets be honest, privacy in our backyard is becoming harder and harder to come by. This article gives some simple (and some not so simple) ideas on how you can bring a little more to your current place.
  • Financially Savvy Home Improvements – One of the first questions homeowners or sellers ask me is, “which improvements will actually help the value of my home (both perceived and real)?” This article gives you 8 update ideas that can really pay off!
  • Add Character to Your Place – “Oh! I love the character of this home!” That statement is probably the number 1 indicator for me of whether or not a buyer is going to write an offer on a house. Unfortunately, many of us have purchased homes that feel a little “character-less”… Follow this link to learn about some quick ways to change that!
  • Salem, Oregon is Awesome – And, just for fun, here is an article written by a local blogger about why Salem is pretty awesome.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this week’s articles! If you would like some information on buying or selling a house in Oregon, or if you know someone who would, I am scheduling free consultations all month! So, let’s get together!

Quick Reads – The Market is Still Hot

Hello! I have been on a bit of Quick Reads hiatus, but I’m back with some excellent articles on why you need to be selling and/or buying now! Check these out, and then schedule a time for me to buy you a coffee and get the process started.

  • 5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Professional Today – The title is fairly self-explanatory, but it is a good reminder about why having a professional in your corner can make a huge difference!
  • 45% of Homes Sold in Less Than a Month! – Oregon is one of the hottest real estate states in the country! If you have been thinking about selling, let’s get you on the market and take advantage of the momentum.
  • The Main Reason You Should Not Wait to Buy – Home prices and interest rates are creeping up, your buying power is going to decrease as the continues. No more procrastinating. If you have questions about the home buying process, call or email me today!

I hope you enjoyed the articles this week. I can’t wait to meet with you!

Quick Reads – National Homeowner’s Month!

Happy National Homeowner’s Month! Let’s get right to it today:

  • 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t For Sale By Owner – This is a brief article on some of the challenges you may find trying to sale your home on your own. While I think points 2 and 3 are a little mis-leading due to online opportunities for everyone, it is a good overview. I have the privilege of living in a great neighborhood where people literally drive around looking for homes for sale. Even with that amount of interest, most For Sale by Owner signs are replaced by a broker’s sign within 4-6 weeks.
  • Homeownership as an Investment – This a simple breakdown of how homeownership can help you and your family build wealth! Ultimately, you should buy a home because you love it, want to live there, and can afford it. However, buying in the current market provides you a great opportunity to ride the wave of price appreciation over the next few years.
  • The 5 Financial Reasons to Buy – Okay, I have a confession. I hate the title of this article. When you go there, it will say “Attaining the American Dream”. When did we replace a dream about freedom, opportunity, and fighting against oppression with buying a house? That is ludicrous. BUT, owning a home makes a lot of financial and social sense. So, check out this article and learn why it is time for you to own.

I hope you enjoyed the articles this week! As always, if you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell, I would love the opportunity to prove how hard I work for my clients.

Quick Reads – Quit Renting, It’s Time to Buy!

When I dropped my daughter off this morning, I was reminded that there are only 12 more days of school! How awesome is that?! Summer is knocking on the door and I am ready for longer days, warmer weather, and projects around the house.

This week I am focusing on you renters. While there are plenty of reasons why renting makes sense, they generally are not financial. Check out the articles below and then contact me. I specialize in educating first-time home-buyers through the WHOLE process, including introducing you to great local lenders!

I am ready to help you buy a house. Let’s talk! I’ve helped a lot of people just like you get into great houses and I’d love to be giving you keys soon! Just in case you were curious, sellers are nearly always responsible for paying BOTH agents. So, you get my expertise and glowing personality for free!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.